Three bisexual authors talk about being bi and the many ways in which bi-sexual identities get erased. Includes detours through women’s sexual disenfranchisement and Out For You/Gay For You tropes, plus a stop at the store for the big jug-o-bi.

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There is a Facebook group for bisexual authors: Bisexual Authors + Bloggers Chat! Thanks for the heads up SarahS!

9 thoughts on “Episode 5: Bisexual Erasure

  1. I listened to this last night, and you all nailed it. I have so many thoughts about it, but I’ve honestly not felt like the m/m community is always very safe for bi writers (and it’s almost never safe for bi fiction). I appreciate that you touched on how triggering a lot of this is for so many of us, whether it’s bi erasure or gay men feeling cut off from the conversation. There’s a lot to think about in here.

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